$1 Digital Content Discs on the Clearance Rack!

That's right, Digital Content Discs for My Digital Studio are only One Dollar!!

From now until February 12 (or while supplies last) you can get your hands on any of these content discs for just $1. That's not a typo–they're just one buck. So indulge–it won't break the bank.

You can get them in my Online Store at www.shoppingwithbarb.com  

Avant-Garde Collection DVD (item 125841) 
Cheerful Treats Digital Content CD (item 124237)
Express Booster Pack DVD (item 124889)
His & Hers Collection DVD (item 125842)
October, December, Whenever Collection DVD (item 124485)
Simple Snapshots Content CD (item 127185)
Sweet Retreat Collection DVD (item 125840)

Click HERE to see them in my Online Store are read about the content of each disc.

Since the discs are on the Clearance Rack, they must be purchased via online order. Go get yours today.

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