Create a circle with your Round Tab Punch

I believe that this technique was shared at a Stampin’ Up! Regional Event in Hamilton Ontario earlier this year.

You can use the Round Tab Punch to create a 1 7/8″ hole in a 3×3 piece of cardstock and here is how you do it:

Cut a piece of cardstock to a 3×3 square.  Slide it all the way into the Round Tab Punch, center it and punch it out.

Roundtab1 Roundtab2

Rotate the cardstock a 1/4 turn and slide it back into the punch all the way, lining it up to create a circle and punch.  Here are pictures of the cardstock in the punch and a shot of the pencil lines I made to show you what you will be punching out.

Roundtab3 Roundtab4_2

Here is a shot of the punched out pieces and the circle they left behind.

Roundtab5 Roundtab6

Here is a card I created using this technique.  Have fun!!!!


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