Diet Pepsi Big Shot Snowflakes!!

What should I do with the three or four cans of Diet Pepsi I drink a day??  I usually recycle them but this is much more fun!!


I used my Big Shot, OF COURSE!!!!  I love that thing and am looking forward to seeing more dies and embosslits in the upcoming catalog.  Email me if you will need a copy of the Spring-Summer 2009 Catalog.

I used my Craft & Rubber scissors to cut the top and bottom off the can and then cut it open. **Be careful cutting these cans, the edges are sharp and can cut you very easily…ask me how I know this!! I rinsed it off, dried it and ran it through my Big Shot, the Big Shot "cleans up" the edges so they are not sharp after going through the machine.  Did you know that you can cut over 50 different items with this machine!!

Here are the close-ups




Get your Big Shot through December 23rd and pay no shipping!!!!!


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