Tutorial-Double Pocket Card with Front Flap

Edited to add a link to a printable document, you can find it Download Doublepockettutorial1frontofcard


Cut your 12×12 sheet of designer paper to 8 1/2 x 11.  Save the excess strips to make the pull outs.  I am using a sheet from Ginger Blossom.  Fold it in half both ways.  Decide which pattern you want on the front of the card and lay it face up.


1) Cut the right fold line to the middle, I put the bone folder in there for reference.


2) Lay your folded sheet on a piece of Grid Paper and fold up the bottom right hand corner at 2 5/8"


3) Fold the corner in the top right section at 1"



4) Rotate the sheet so the cut line is on the left side now and fold up the bottom right corner at 3 3/4".


5) Fold the top left quarter over to the right side. This photo also shows you where you will run your SNAIL adhesive later.


6) Now fold the bottom half up.


7) You can now add a strip of the contrasting side of the paper to the bottom pocket to make is stand out.  I used the 1" strip that was left over.  I put my strip behind the bottom pocket.


8) Then fold the left side over, this is the front of your card.


Now you have the basic steps to do this.  Following are some additional photos.

Now you can apply your SNAIL to close up the card. 


I use my piercing tool to pick up a mini glue dot


Place the glue dots along the sides of the pockets to keep them closed.  You can also do this with your SNAIL before you adhere the bottom flap up.


Here are the inserts for each pocket.


Have fun, this is a very easy card!!      

8 thoughts on “Tutorial-Double Pocket Card with Front Flap”

  1. I made this last week and it is one of my favorites. Took me a little bit of time but your directions were great. This really becomes a special card.

  2. I haven’t tried this one yet, but I just love your tutorials. Congratulations on all your hits. You truly deserve them. Thanks for a chance at the blog candy….Rita

  3. Great tutorials. I always leave inspired. Now if there were just more hours in the day! Keep up the great work.

  4. Hey Barb –
    I am addicted to this card I have made so many I can’t count!!! They are great for gift cards and a note. Thanks so much for the instructions…..Mary

  5. Love your tutorials!! Your pictures and directions make it easy to follow.
    Thanks again for sharing! Were you a teacher by any chance???

  6. Wonderful card! I have been looking for a unique card to use as a baby announcement, and I have finally found it! I’m going to tuck the baby’s personal information, a photo, and invite to the Baptism into the pockets. Thanks for sharing!


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