Flip Flop Album

I have been working on this project off and on for about two weeks.  I am just about finished with it so I thought I would post it for you.  It is a flip flop album and as you can see, it just keeps opening!!  I used our Winter Bright Simply Scrappin’ Kit and I am so tickled with how it turned out.  The pictures are from Christmas 2006.  Enjoy!!

Flipflopcover_2 #1-This is the album closed

Flipfloptopview_2 #2-This is the top view of the album completely opened.  It is never ending, you just keep opening flap after flap.

Flipflopinsidefrontcover_2 #3-Backside of front cover, man those kids are cute!!!!

Flipflopseconddover#4-The lighting in this photo is pretty bad, the little scallops are Saffron, Celery and Real Red.

Flipflopeasybake_2 #5-These two "doors" open to reveal the next photo.

Flipflop1_2#6-Open the flaps in photo #5 (think French Doors) and you see this.  Note to self: Add journaling

Flipflop2_4 #7-These two flaps will open to the photo below.

Flipflop3_3 #8-Lots of fun stuff in here!!

Flipflop4_3#9-The picture of us having breakfast will flip out to reveal the two "doors" in photo #5.

Flipflop5_3#10-This flap is next to the backside of the front flap.  Sorry if there is any confusion, this project is so much better in person, let me know if you would like to stop by and see it.

Happy Stampin’ !!!

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