Founder’s Circle – Day 3

Sorry for the lack of posting, I had very spotty internet at the hotel and it became frustrating to say the least.

I am back from my trip and I had such a wonderful time!  Here are some highlights from our third day.  We boarded the buses at 6:50am on our way to Kanab, UT where the manufacturing plant is located.  Here is a pic out the bus window of the sun rising.


All the employees come out and greet us with high fives and signs.


We headed over to the rock to have our pictures taken on it.

After a Q&A with some of the management we had a tour of the facility.  I have had this tour before but we saw some wonderful new things!!  We received a sneak peak stamp set and a stamp pad.  The Rich Regals stamp pads are put together by hand in Kanab and we got to see the whole process. 

After that, we were treated to a wonderful lunch catered by the Rocking V Cafe in Kanab.  It was so yummy



Then it was back on the bus to our secret destination.  We traveled to the Glen Canyon Dam and boarded river boats to float the Colorado River to Lee's Landing.  Getting down to the rafts required the use of a hard hat in case of falling rocks!!


The trip also included a stop.  You could take a short hike to view the petroglyphs left by Ancestral Puebloan peoples.



To give you an idea of how large the canyon is, I have an arrow on this photo pointing to a fishing boat on the water ahead of us.


We ended the 3 1/2 hour trip at Lee's Landing where we had our dinner waiting for us.  They were packaged in fabulous insulated bags.

We ate our meals on the bus back to St. George and watched a movie.  We arrived about 9:30 so we had a long day.  It was WONDERFUL!!  On my bed was this beautiful framed photo of Horseshoe Bend, a section of our trip.


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