Founder’s Circle – The Gathering Place

I mentioned a Gathering Place in my previous post.  We also had a Gathering Place in the hotel.  It was a huge room full of comfy furniture, candy and did I mention there was candy!!

I am sure you want to know what went on in the Gathering Place so I will show you. 🙂

The first thing that went on involved meeting a few new friends.  As soon as we entered the hotel, we were mobbed by three of these gals, Caroline, Karen and Carolyn.  They pulled or maybe the correct word is dragged (hahahahaha….just kidding) Kim, Kristina and I into the Gathering Place to play a game.  We each received a piece to this stamp set and had to find people with the other four pieces so we could redeem them for the complete set.  Well, as you can see we got it done!!!


Ahhh….the candy….there was a truckload of candy in this room and it was never empty.  If a jar was low, the SU gals would fill it up.  There were two stations just like this in the room and then there were jars on every side table, notice the little buckets under the candy, they all had Pnk Pirouette Ribbon tied around the handles and we put our candy in them.  We certainly did not have chocolate withdrawls on this trip.

30  31 

There was also comfy furniture in this room.  These "ChillSacks" were HUGE!!!  They were the softest most body contouring pieces of furniture I have ever been on.


Just look how comfy we are!!!

28  33 

The couch and chair groupings were also wonderful.  Each grouping had a fuzzy soft rug in the middle of it and, of course, CANDY!!!!  Here is my new buddy Penny and Aly one of our new Advisory Board Members chillin' on a couch.


What else did we do in the Gathering Place??  Well, we did our make and take projects and also worked on projects that we brought with us, or maybe our swaps!!  Here is a picture of the scrapbook that I am working on and Shelli trying to finish her swaps.  She wouldn't let anyone but her mom help her.  I tried to but she told me that I was here to relax and have fun, not to work!!  Isn't she so cute.  In case you were wondering, this is Nancy (from Quebec and she is a hoot!!), Pat (Shelli's mom), Carolyn (my find the pieces to your stamp set buddy) and Shelli.


Here is another celebrity…if you were on the Georgia Peach bus to Kanab, you heard Shelli talk about the ugliest bag she has ever seen.  Well, here is it, it belongs to Suzie Barnes and it is a bag given out at one of the first conventions.  The theme of that convention was "Good Ole Summertime" and apparently Shelli thinks it is ugly….can you believe that!!!  I was laughing my head off when I found Suzie the next day and saw the bag.  She says that it is her favorite bag and she takes it everywhere….I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. LOL


Stay tuned for more…..

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  1. Welcome home! Your trip looks soo awesome! I love the rroms and all the girly girl fun stuff you shared with us. Looks like SU knows how to party!! I bet anyone who sees those bean bag lounges is ready to put an order in!
    Glad you had such a great time.


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