Goodbye Southern Caribbean, Hello Wyoming!!!!

Third post today.

Ahhh, the Stampin' Up! cruise to the Southern Caribbean, it was so much fun.  The weather was good, the water was beautiful and the company was the best!!!  It was so good while it lasted but we did have to come back to reality. :-)  Here are a few photos for you.

This plane is going to fly right over my head and land at the airport on St Maarten roughly 100 yards from where I am standing.  We are on Maho Beach.  I have a video of the planes flying over us that I will share later.

We took a tour of Antigua and stopped here, (cannot remember where here is though!!) 

My Stampin' buddies at Cane Bay on St. Croix.  We went snorkeling for the first time here and it was really cool.  These are official Stampin' Up! cover-ups, and they are the bomb-diggity, right Tom!!!

We got home earlier this week and now I am looking at THIS!!!!!! Yes people that is snow and alot of it!!  We just got the call that school is letting out early…..what is going on here, this is May!!




2 thoughts on “Goodbye Southern Caribbean, Hello Wyoming!!!!”

  1. Sorry Barb. Trying really hard not to laugh but this is WYOMING. If you don’t like the weather – wait a minute! LOL. I have family traveling here from eastern SD tonight. They thought I was nuts when I said the schools were closing. What a life!

  2. Admit it, all that sunshine and beach and relaxation would get to be so boring. Besides, you would want to be outside rather than inside creating. Thanks for sharing. MJ


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