Holy Cow, I cannot believe it!!!


White I was on vacation, I learned that I was the #42 Demonstrator of the Year for 2007-2008 out of 48,000 demonstrators in the nation.  This is quite a shock to me as I was hoping to squeak in at #100 but didn't really think I would make it.

I also learned that I will be able to attend the Founder's Circle retreat in St. George, Utah next month with the other top demonstrators from the US and Canada.  This is quite an honor for me.  I started crying when I found out and couldn't wait to hang up the phone and tell my husband and mom. 

We will be staying in a resort in St. George and it sounds so beautiful!!

You can read about the trip HERE if you are interested. :-)  


I owe it all to you my wonderful customers and downline,  Thank you so much for your hardwork and support of my business!!!!

6 thoughts on “Holy Cow, I cannot believe it!!!”

  1. CONGRATS! CONGRATS! I know how much you were hoping for #100 but #42 is fantastic!! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer, craftier, more personable and enthusiatic demonstrator. So happy for you. MJ

  2. Barb,
    THIS IS AWESOME!!! and to think you broke the top 50. I am so proud of you that I could scream…but don’t think IMG would like that. YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!!


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