I’m Back from Founder’s Circle!!

I got home last last night from my trip to Founder's Circle and I am just exhausted…..in a good way!!!  I stayed up way too late and talked way too much and had the time of my life.

I will be posting alot of pictures in the coming days but I wanted to start out with the pictures from our mini trip to the Stampin' Up! manufacturing plant in Kanab, Utah.  We boarded a bus at the hotel and traveled for about two hours to get to Kanab.  You might think traveling on a bus for two hours is boring but let me tell you, nothing that Stampin' Up! sets up is boring.  We had a HUGE basket of snacks (this basket was so big, it needed its own seat on the bus) that was refilled often and unlimited cold water.  Shelli rode on our bus and she is so funny, we had a blast!!!

From the outside, it certainly does not look like any manufacturing plant I have ever seen.  Notice the outdoor seating under the peak.  There were tables for the employees to have lunch outside.


As you walk in the door, you see this sign and ain't it the truth!!!


Here is a picture of the employee lunch room complete with a full kitchen off to the right.  Shelli didn't want to call it a cafeteria as that sounds so cold so she named the room "Gathering Place"  Wouldn't it be awful to eat lunch in here everyday!!


We were not allowed to take any pictures in the actual manufacturing area but let me tell you it was the coolest thing ever.  I even had the opportunity to die cut and package a stamp set….who's gonna get these sets cut and packaged by me just for you??!!!! 

Above the plant is an apartment that Shelli and other employees use while they are visiting the plant.  It has Shelli written all over it.  She has such a distinctive style. 🙂

Here is the kitchen


One of the many bedrooms.  Who do we have here?  Well, it is Amy, Dena, Kristina, Dawn and Melanie.


Here is a family room, complete with toys for Shelli's grandkids….this place has everything!!!


The living room


Each bedroom had its own unique style and each bedroom had a bathroom!!  How AWESOME is that!!


As we were getting ready to leave, a few of us raced over to this rock that is at the entrance of the facility to have our pictures taken. 


We left the plant and went to a local gift shop to purchase souveniers and then it was off the the famous "rubber park"  They had a portable Subway shop there for our lunch.  Here are Kristina and Denise waiting for their sandwiches.


The entire floor of the park is covered in excess rubber from the plant.  The park was built by Shelli and her husband for the community.  Here I am laying in the rubber.  We could actually find images of stamps in these pieces!!!


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