I’m Back from Hawaii!!!

I am back from my trip to Hawaii and it was absolutely wonderful!!  I got to see friends that I only see on these incentive trips and some gorgeous scenery as well as visit Pearl Harbor.  Here are a few photos of our trip.  There are many more but I do have unpacking, laundry and some orders to place. šŸ™‚


This is a view of the United States flag waving over the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.  Mike and I went a few days early to see this and it was an experience that will be remembered for a long time.


Here we are on the beach at Waikiki with a view of Diamond Head in the background.


Shortly after checking into our room at the Waikoloa Resort, we found some friends at the boat landing and visited for a while, here we are wearing our Lei's.  Hi Tom & Sandy, Max & Lance, Jeanne & Dennis, Ann & Cecil



These two pictures are the AWESOME view from our room.  It was ocean view all around us and we could see Humpback whales surfacing out in the ocean from our deck.


Here is a view from the bathroom/closet area, the room was HUGE!


Behind Mike is the bathroom/closet area, I would show that to you but this is the day we are leaving and it is a big mess over there!!


The King Sized bed was awesome, so soft and comfy.

I will share more later but I have to get some chores done first. šŸ™‚

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