It Caused Me Extreme Excitement!!!

I came home from running errands yesterday and lookie what was on my porch!!!  I have received a number of orders this month but they didn't come in THESE boxes!!!!


How fun!!  Here is what the top of the box says. :-) 


I am sure my UPS man is tired of slugging boxes to my house but I will never get tired of seeing him!!!



5 thoughts on “It Caused Me Extreme Excitement!!!”

  1. Great pics, Barb! I haven’t received any orders in those fun boxes yet, but I keep hoping. LOL Maybe the one on Monday!

  2. Thats great just what you needed. Thats okay though I know our UPS man by his first name because Bart is always getting parts at least a couple days a week.

  3. I just got my boxes today, but I didn’t even open them or really look at them. I’ll have to go down and open them. I remember SU mentioning the new box style for Sale-a-bration but then forgot all about it.
    So fun!!
    Kristi in Vegas 🙂

  4. Isn’t that totally awesome!!! I loved it the day I got my first box. My other stampers and I had said, “way to go SU! The truth is finally out for all to see.”


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