Last minute gifts for the kiddos

Last night 8:00, we just finished watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  My 5 year old son says, "Mommy what am I going to give all my school friends tomorrow?"  I reply, "I'm sorry honey, I just didn't have time to make anything."  Holy cow, you would've thought that I threw away his blankie!!!  He started crying his little head off.  Well, of course, the guilt sets in quick, I had planned to make something but it just never happened. 

I put the kids to bed, finish designing and making my packaging for my teacher gifts, I will show you those this weekend, and get started.  It had to be something simple and quick as it was 10:30pm.  My mind was racing, what could I do???  Then I see the box of mini candy canes sitting on my desk.  That was it, I didn't have anything else to use so the candy cane would have to do.  So I now have the treat but what to do with the treat??

I sat there staring at those candy canes, looking at my Big Shot, thinking of all of the other things I have to do, back to the Big Shot and my stack of dies…….Scallop Circle???  Then I see my Serif Essentials Alphabet and it all starts to come together.  I start making scallops out of the DSP I have left and then I think, maybe my husband will help me!!!  I ask him, he gives me a little grief but comes to help. :-)  I start out by having him adhere the initials to the scallops with my SNAIL but it quickly becomes apparent that this is a little too much for him…..LOL  I ask him if he would like to run the Big Shot, his eyes light up and I hear grunts similar to those by Tim Taylor on Tool Time!!  Well, let me tell you, he is a Big Shot master.  He started going down the classroom list, cranking out initials left and right, then more scallops, then attaching candy canes with mini glue dots, punching holes and stringing the ribbon.  He was a life saver!!!  We got the whole lot of 35 of them done in about an hour….whew….


My husband didn't like the random scallops I was doing for my son's class, he insisted on the striped paper in the Ski Slope pack as it was "more like Christmas colors".  So for my daughter's class we used the stripes. (you didn't think I only made these for my sons room did you??  There would have been a serious problem around here if I did that!!!)


and a close up


Thank goodness for my Big Shot and my other Big Shot (my husband)!!!


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5 thoughts on “Last minute gifts for the kiddos”

  1. This is a great story and sounds so much like my house! Isn’t it amazing how much help a husband can be and how they really do enjoy it once they get in the spirit! Merry Christmas from South Dakota!

  2. You are such a good mom! It is so important to our kids to be able to share with their classmates and you came through for them…GO YOU!
    And, they are super cute!


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