More display items from Convention!

Convention attendees enjoyed another special offer during Thursday's general session. Shelli's stamping presentation focused on gift giving, and she shared several project ideas featuring the new line of Simply Adorned charms (see image of these in previous post!).

I'd like to share with you some more awesome creations from the Convention display boards!!!


Take a look! Click on the image for a larger version!

Wall Decor:

Assorted Cards:

Thankyoucard  Letspartycard  Flowercard  Foryoucard  Birthdaycard
Bloomcard  Birdcard  Flowerpotcard  Weavecard  Martinicard

Pretty birdhouses:

Here is a picture that was shared with demonstrators on the Stampin' Up! website. It shows happy
demonstrators looking at the awesome display boards where the above projects are on display!!!


1 thought on “More display items from Convention!”

  1. Barb!
    You made my day!!! The woven Happy Birthday card you posted is mine! I couldn’t go to convention so I missed seeing all of the boards and I like to know that my cards didn’t go to waste!!! Thanks so sharing all of the convention stuff on your blog!
    Lisa Bohler


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