Button Balloons - Catalog CASE and today is my BIRTHDAY!!
Growing Green and lots of cutting!

My Birthday Cake

Yesterday, my six year old son asked me if we could make me a birthday cake.  I really didn't have time as I am busy packing our trailer for a two week camping/boating vacation.  However, he was just so sweet, how could I resist!!!

He helped me mix everything together, we baked it and then he wanted to frost it.  We mixed up two of my favorite colors and he was off and frosting!!  I didn't have two #4 candles but he was determined to get 44 on this cake.  He started rumaging through my birthday candles and he got it done.  Do you see his adaptation on the number 44??


Four candles in the bottom row, a D and four candles in the top....."four D four"....I have a pretty clever kid!!

We forgot to take the picture until after we started eating it!!

Remember, I am offering FREE shipping on all ordes placed today for my birthday!!