Not sure if I can stop using Rub-Ons

OK, this has got to be it for a while.  I have so much new stuff that I need to play with but I just couldn’t help creating this project using the Love & Happiness Rub-Ons that are in the SAB mini catalog.


I got this idea while shopping on Monday.  I spotted this coffee mug that looks like a flower pot and thought it would look great with the Chocolate Chip Rub-Ons and some flowers on bamboo skewers.  I used a couple of background stamps for my punchouts so there IS some stamping on this project!!  I used Paisley and Canvas.  I also used the 5-Petal Flower Punch, the Scallop Circle Punch and CHECK OUT THE MIDDLES OF THESE FLOWERS…what is that…..could it be…….IT IS!!!!  A baby scallop!!!!  This little baby scallop is one of the trio of flowers that you get with the NEW Boho Blossoms punch.


I must admit that I am still in the learning stages of applying rub-ons.  As I was applying the butterfly, I got a little carried away and I pushed my stick off the edge of the paper and when I brought it back it pulled a bit and really messed up the top of the butterfly’s wing.  Well, considering the fact that I "pay particular attention to detail" (read as, anal) that was not going to fly with me.  I knew I had to fix it.  I found a cute little flower on the sheet of rub-ons and so I carefully scraped off my mistake and very gently rubbed the little flower on.  You can’t even tell that I messed up can you??!!!!

Here is a close up of the little flower


So for those of you who think I never mess up, here is the proof!!!

2 thoughts on “Not sure if I can stop using Rub-Ons”

  1. You are killing me! I LOVE this idea with the punched flowers. My grandmother has made some “flowers” for me from seashells, and I thought that I could never be that creative. Barb, you always show me that I can do anything with stamps and punches. Thanks for the great idea – and for once again adding to my ever-increasing wish list.


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