Our Christmas Tree and rough draft of Christmas Card

Every year as a family tradition, we purchase a permit to go up in the mountains and cut down our Christmas Tree.  It seems that every year we choose the coldest day to do it and this year was no different.  When we arrived at our spot, the temperature was 1 degree, it was snowing lightly and the wind was blowing just a bit.

We unloaded the four-wheelers and took off.  My husband prefers to walk so he can carefully inspect all the trees we pass until we find just the right one.  We do stop along the way and walk off the road to see the trees that are not visible from the road.

We found a few trees but everyone agreed that this was "the one"



We straped it to the sled and pulled it back to our truck


Here it is in the front room.


Here is a rough draft of my My Digital Studio Christmas Card.  I did this in less than 10 minutes.


Thanks for looking!!



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