Pre-Paid Paper Pumpkin Subscriptions!

You can now order Pre-Paid My Paper Pumpkin Subscriptions for yourself or a friend!

Choose the subscription length of your choice, and you will receive a redemption code that you (or your friend) can use  to redeem your subscription at


Choose from the following subscriptions, the prices already include the shipping charge so only tax will be charged.

137858   1 month  $19.95
137859   3 months  $59.85 
137860   6 months  $113.70 — save $1 per month 
137861 12 months  $215.40 — save $2 per month, that's almost $25!
How It Works:
1.When you place your order, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to redeem the prepaid subscription.
2.If the subscription if for yourself,  go to and enter the redemption code.
3. If the subscription is for a friend, forward the email you receive with the redemption code to them.
4. Start enjoying your monthly Paper Pumpkin project kit the very next month!

Get more information on my Paper Pumpkin Subscription Page.


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