The new catalogs are here, the new catalogs are here, the new catalogs are here!!!


Do I remind you of anyone?  Navin R. Johnson comes to my mind!!  For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, Steve Martin played that character in the movie The Jerk and when the new phone book arrived, he was running around yelling "the new phone book is here!!"  Sorry, I am really dating myself. 🙂

They are here though, the new catalogs that is!!!  Well a good portion of them anyway. :-)  Some of my new catalogs arrived really late last night, around 7:00pm.  My poor UPS driver works pretty late some days and yesterday was one of those days.  The rest of my pre-ordered catalogs will be here today. 

I have all the Priority envelopes ready to go and I will take them to the post office this morning so be watching your mailboxes if you needed yours mailed to you.

For those of you here in town, I have those ready too.  Call  me or just stop by and pick it up.  You are gonna love this catalog!!!  As usual, Stampin' Up'! has out done themselves with the artwork, this catalog is just gorgeous!!!  All you returning or new club gals get your catalog FREE!!!!


Time is running out to purchase items on the Last Chance Accessories List as things are selling out quickly, see the updated list HERE and contact me ASAP to place your orders.

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