Tutorial – Carousel Note Box

Remember the box and love notes in THIS POST and THIS POST?  Well, I promised you a tutorial on the box using a Carousel Note for the lid and although it is a little late, here it is!!


This is my finished box from the following directions:

Take a 3 3/16" x 3 3/16" piece of card stock and lay it in the middle of your Carousel Note.  Score all around it with your Bone Folder.


Then complete each score line to the edge with a ruler.


Fold up all the sides and cut down the middle of each corner and down one side to remove this little piece.


Then glue all four sides together using the remainder of the corner for the glue.  I used Tombow Mono Multi Adhesive.


Here is your completed lid


To make your box bottom, decide how tall you want the sides.  In my case the sides are 2" high. 

Here is your formula for the box bottom  >  side + side + bottom. 

Translated into numbers, my box dimensions are side of 2" + side of 2" plus a 3 1/8 square bottom for a total of a 7 1/8" square scored at 2" on all sides.  The bottom dimension was determined by the size of the lid in this case.  The lid is a 3 3/16" square so the bottom needs to be a teeny bit smaller hence the 3 1/8" size for the box bottom.

Cut up two score lines on opposite sides


Glue your sides together to make a box.


Add some ribbon to the lid and place it on the box….WAY TOO CUTE!!  Hurry though, this paper is on the retiriing accessories list and will only be available while supplies last.


Side note, the Carousel Notes are sold out but this would work for any large circle or scallop.

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