Tutorial-Mini Pocket Book

Here is my tutorial for making the Mini Pocket Book, I show binding it using the Crop-A-Dile as well as the Bind-It-All.

Littlebookout  Finishedribbonbook_2

Start with a full 12×12 sheet of Designer Series Paper.  Score it at 2", 6" and 10" on one side and 3", 6", and 9" on the other.  Add Sticky Strip as shown in the picture.


Fold up the two 2" flaps and fold it down the middle, the asteriks show where you would place the Sticky Strip.


Using a paper cutter or a pair of scissors, cut down 9" from one edge on the middle score line.


Then fold mountains and valleys as shown.


Add Sticky strip along this edge.


Start spreading the two sides apart 


Continue until the book is in a line.


Gather the folds to look like this. Notice the circle at the bottom, this section goes into the Bind-It-All first


Place the bottom of the "W" into the Bind-It-All and punch (the book is too thick to do all at once)


Then punch holes in the other two bottom W folds


Add the 1/2" coils and decorate as desired.

Littlebookout_2 Littlebookin_2

To turn this mini book into a desk scrapbook, click HERE Xtopview

To use your Crop-A-Dile, start from this step and push all the folds together


Use the Crop-A-Dile to punch three holes in the spine


Add ribbons to keep it closed and decorate as desired.


11 thoughts on “Tutorial-Mini Pocket Book”

  1. I’ve seen the other tutorials for this little book, but I got confused with the cutting part because the pictures did not quite show the detail and I’m a bit dense anyway. This tutorial makes everything perfectly clear for me now. Thanks!! Love the colors you used for yours!

  2. Barb, thank you for a great tutorial. I agree with a previous poster in that other tutorials I have seen were very confusing and frustrating to follow. This was quick and easy. Thanks for sharing.


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