Upcoming Pockets & Pieces Class

Since I have a class using the Pockets & Pieces Office Accents set on Friday, June 27th, I figured I had better get mine out today and started creating….what fun I had!!!!!!!!!  I have to admit, I was a little intimidated when I looked at all those pieces but not anymore. 🙂


This is a gift card holder but it opens differently than you might think.  I love this look with the ribbon tied to two photo hangers holding the flap closed but it is not really functional.  When you loosen the knot to get the gift card out, you can never get the ribbon tied again because it is too short.  Well, I took care of that:


I added little magnets, one on the main part of the holder and the other one on the main image.  This way, it can be opened and closed tons of times but the cute ribbon "closure" stays neat.

Here is the inside:


I cut off the little flap on the right side of the fold up piece so the gift card will fit.  If you glue it down, it is just a bit too short and the gift card will not fit.

Here is another one for a boy


Stay tuned for more………

If you live near Sheridan, Wyoming and would like to attend class, you can register through June 21st. You will receive your own packge of the Pockets & Pieces and the supplies to create the various projects.

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