What do you do?

When you are traveling that is.  We just got back from a quick 1300 mile trip in three days for a 90th birthday party.  When we are traveling, I usually do some sort of paper work for my business.  However this time, I decided to stamp.  I designed my project the night before we left and stayed up really late cutting and running the pieces through my Big Shot.  I loaded it all up in a plastic tote and was able to get a really good start on my 135 swaps for my Founder's Circle Trip next month.

This is a picture of how the tote looked inside as we neared the end of the nearly 1300 mile trip.  My supplies are underneath all the cards.

and here is the tote as my stamping desk.  Let me tell you, using markers to ink up a stamp at 75 mph can be tricky and I did it 135 times. 🙂

We did get to see some beautiful country along the way and as we neared Jackson Hole, WY, I snapped a few shots of the Grand Tetons out the window as we went by.


I have had some trouble with double feeds of my blog posts and I am working on fixing that so please bear with me.

Thanks for visiting and come back tomorrow!!


3 thoughts on “What do you do?”

  1. Mount Moran 🙂 Country roads, take me home… You are very talented to ink a stamp a 75 mph! Thanks for the memory smile. MJ

  2. You are just like me…. Take advantage of those road trip to do the swaps. I did the same thing for convention swap when we when to ND and Founder swap…. most of them at the Dr. Office when my daughter got her wisdom teeth pull out almost 4 hours…. We have to take advantage of every minutes…. see you soon


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