What Type of Adhesive Should You Use?

There are many adhesives in the Stampin' Up! catalog.  Which one should you use for what?  I thought I would post some information on each of our adhesives and let you know what to use for what project.  I have also created a printable document that you can keep in your catalog or in your stamp room. 🙂

Here are a few of the adhesives on the list, the complete list with pictures is in the printable document.  Click here to access the complete document.


Scrapbookers love this adhesive! You can reposition pictures and artwork without causing damage. The handy dispenser is so easy to use. You can also use Dotto to create a temporary mask or to hold down a Classy Brass template. 49 feet of temporary, self-adhesive dots on paper backing.

Convenient dispenser rolls dots from paper backing onto card stock, photograph, or accent
Adhesive is solvent free and acid free
Refill available

Pop Up Glue Dots

Our Pop-Up Glue Dots are super sticky, double-sided adhesive dots designed for use on 3-D accents for cards, scrapbook pages, and other projects. This fast, clean adhesive is easy to use and safe for photos. No fumes, no mess, and no drying time required!  75 dots per roll, each dot measures approx 1/2" in diameter.

Bond instantly to a variety of materials including paper, fabric, wood, foam, plastic, and more

Mono Multi Adhesive

The Multi Purpose Adhesive has a dual tip for placing adhesive exactly where you want it. Place an exact small amount using the small tip, or spread the adhesive over a larger area using the wide tip. Latex rubber acrylic resin adhesive is acid free.

Adhesive can be permanent or temporary depending on how it is applied

Sticky Pages

If you like Sticky Strip, you’ll love Sticky Pages! Peel off the liner and sprinkle with Bead Duo or our chunky or fine glitters to personalize your projects, gifts, or work space.

2 -12" x 12" blank sticky sheets per package
Use the sheets with your Big Shot machine to create custom shapes

Great for using with our Bead Duos and Stampin' Glitter to personalize your projects.

Stickystrip Gluedots Sstickypages Monomulti

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