WOW, Stampin’ Up! is the best!!

Shelli Gardner, the CEO of Stampin’ Up! has donated cabins on our cruise to Bermuda to 85 Utah National Guard members.  Stampin’ Up! is such a generous company, I am so proud to be affiliated with them.  I look forward to meeting these men and women when we go to Bermuda on the Stampin’ Up! cruise in March!!!

You can read the story HERE

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  1. That sure makes me want to support Stampin’ Up more than I already do … if that’s possible. As a former Air Force wife, I can tell you firsthand that people are very generous to military members and their families. In the summer of 2005, we were stationed in Florida, Rod was in Iraq and Cameron was three months old. We had to evacuate our home for Hurricane Dennis. Cam and I decided to fly to Boston to visit my family. It was hard and stressful to travel with an infant and our connection in the Atlanta airport was busy, noisy and there was no place to sit down. I started talking to a man in the gate area who was traveling to Boston with his wheelchair-bound teenage daughter. She was going to summer camp and I was fleeing a hurricane with my husband in harm’s way. The man walked away and a few moments later, a gate agent asked for my tickets and told me to board the plane. Little did I know that the man I was speaking to paid to upgrade my tickets to first class so that I would have an easier time getting to Boston. He told me it was his way of saying thank you to the military and their families for the sacrifices made every day. Of course I was surprised and grateful and crying. My story has been told among my husband’s squadron and wing in Iraq. The morale boost it gave them over there to know that the people at home are thinking of them was huge.
    So thanks Shelli for what you are doing for the Utah National Guard. It makes me happy to support Stampin’ Up and to know that people support our troops.


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